Wavex Engineers Test - can you beat the best?
Wavex is always looking for great engineers to join our team. Exceptional individuals that enjoy a challenge, with an enquiring mind, possessing excellent customer services skills, good written and verbal English, and with an insatiable desire to improve their technical knowledge.

Once you have completed this on-line test you will immediately be provided your score results.

The test should take you between 5 and 10 minutes to complete (depending on how good you are).

Get more than 20 correct is considered good, more the 25 is our pass-mark*, and virtually no one has scored more than 30!

Good Luck!

*Pass-mark can change depending on current performance of candidates (a lot of good scores will push it up)

This section tests you on your approach to solving particular issues.
If you are told that no one can email anyone at the @acne.net domain, what would you try first?
What device is responding to a PING
What is a MAC address?
What does PING test?
What database manages user and domain objects?
When you are told about a problem what is the first thing you do?
You need to reboot a server - what do you do?
What is represented as an integer
Warning: difficult one
Your answer
The CEO from our largest client contacts Wavex to report that they are having problems printing. After talking with them you confirm that the fault is only affecting the CEO who is frustrated. You have also been assigned a call for a much smaller client, but the issue is preventing everyone from working. Do you:
A computer has been added into an OU on the server which pushes software to the machine by a computer based group policy. The computer is not receiving the software. What would you check?
A user on a domain is attempting to change their password but they can’t. Where would be the first places you would generally check?
A user reports their Outlook is not connecting to the server, but only they are affected. What might you check/do first?
A user calls with a virus on their machine. What would the first step be?
A users iPhone has frozen and cannot be shut down by the power button. How can you shut the device down?
A user is unable to send email to certain individuals; what would you do?
A company cannot connect to the Internet but it is noticed that they can connect to websites by IP address. What would the cause of this failure be?
Choose the correct order of technologies that a packet would pass between a desktop and a public Web server (for a typical business)
Tip: Desktop is the 1st one.
LAN Switch
Web Server
Leased Line
You have been asked, by a client, to restore a file from backup but when you check the backup the file does not exist. If you need to correspond via email, what would you write to them? *
This helps us to understand how you may communicate with clients in a difficult situation
Your answer
What is “shadowing a session”?
Your answer
How do you increase disk space on a virtual disk?
Your answer
Where would you check a user’s roaming profile location?
Your answer
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