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Thank you very much for reaching us. Here's the application form for the production requirements. Please help to let us understand about your business and the requirements. So that we could catch up what would you need and be prepared for the productions, and really hope to achieve your timeline. I'm really looking forward to seeing all of you.

Tegus Inc. (
tegusu is a design studio which provides a wide variety of creative work while keeping an eye on brand building, ranging from planning and conceptual development to design.
The company is named after “tegusu,” a kind of thread used for fishing and accessories. Although being thin and transparent, tegusu thread has a high tensile strength and flexibility. Our vision is to become a thread, just like tegusu, which connects all the things including client’s ideas, creator’s techniques, valuable information and people to society, through concept work with a strong core, transparent communication, flexible thoughts without limiting design fields.

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