Shuto Con 2017 Press Pass Application
Thank you for taking an interest in wanting to cover Shuto Con 2017!


Press passes are only open from now until MARCH 1, 2018! Any applications after that date will not be accepted unless other wise okay end with myself or Stefanie Shall.
If you are inquiring about obtaining a press pass, please be aware that we only have a VERY limited amount to give away, and that certain credentials must be met to be able to obtain one. In order to be considered for a press pass you MUST meet the following requirements below:

* When filling out the app in the free form spot, please give an introduction and intended use of your coverage at Shuto Con. Or send it in an email. Please state you sent them in an email so I know.
* We would also like to see at least 2 samples of your previous work. You can also link those in the History spot or send them to
* If you are a VLOGER: Your video subscription channel must have at LEAST 1000 likes/subscribers. You must also Vlog about topics relevant to Anime/Gaming/Comics/Pop Culture.
* If you are a REPORTER (TV or Paper): You must be a member of a Michigan based news/publishing company, or a member of a Michigan based college campus
* Photographers that are not part of a press association(if you are part of one, you must be there representing the press not as yourself) will not get a Press Pass unless prior arrangements were made with myself or other staff.

If you are applying for a Group Press Pass(usually a video person, interviewer, photographer, etc), you are limited to no more then 4 people unless otherwise agreed with myself or Stefanie Shall.

Please understand that these passes do not give the bearer the right to move crowds or block off areas. We ask all press to conduct themselves professionally and try not to disrupt the flow of the convention.

Any form of abuse of the Press Pass to the convention can result a confiscation of said badge and/or removal from the convention scene. By applying for this pass you agree to uphold the utmost professionalism while you are in attendance.
After the convention we would like to see any work published through your media outlets.

Press passes will be assigned during the last 2 months(Jan-Feb) before the convention. Must apply BEFORE MARCH 1ST!
Also, please keep in mind that if you have done press at Shuto Con in previous years, that does not give you a spot this year. Shuto Con reserves the right to modify our rules & regulations at anytime without prior notice, and may deny you a Press Pass for any reason. Submitting this form does not guarantee you a Press Pass for Shuto Con 2018.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at:
Thank you,

Raeleen Hapeman
Press Director

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