Narrative Budget Feedback
At this year’s annual congregation meeting on January 29th, Pr. Stacy presented a one page summary describing our church’s expected income and expenses in the coming year. The purpose of this one page summary, known as a Narrative Budget, is to briefly summarize how your generous pledges and giving to the church supports the mission and ministry of God’s Church at Lord of Life in the coming year. At the congregational meeting there were some changes made to the final budget as result of input from congregation members who were present at the meeting and participated in voting to approve our budget for the coming year. A revised version of the narrative budget that includes those changes is included for your review.

The purpose of this brief survey is to solicit your feedback the format of the information presented in the Narrative Budget, not the content or decision that were made. If you would like to provide feedback about the final decisions that were made, please contact either Pr. Stacy or a member of council member.

Thank you in advance for your help in completing this brief survey,

David Rebey

1. Did you attend the annual meeting?
2. Your overall impression of the one page narrative budget format
Didn't care for it at all
Liked it a lot
3. The information was clearly presented and easy to understand.
Confusing and not easy to understand
Very clear and useful in helping me to understand how my giving supports the church’s mission.
4. The level of detail provided was sufficient to help me understand where Lord of Life Church is headed in the coming year.
Not enough information was provided
Sufficient level of detail
5. The information provided allowed me with enough information to participate in the discussion at the annual meeting if I wanted to.
6. We should continue using the Narrative Budget format to present the ministry budget of our church in the future
7. Suggestions for improvement
Your answer
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