Workshop Questionnaire
Greetings!  Thank you for reaching out about a workshop for your group or organization!  
We specialize in events that foment cultural & paradigm shifts approaching food, diet, and life on Earth today.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to help us understand you & your group's needs & desires!  
If you prefer to answer these questions over the phone, please call us at 732.306.8400.

There are many questions below, but only those with *red asterisks* need a response.  
Please only answer the questions that feel most relevant to you & your desires.

After receiving your form, we will get in touch to clarify, confirm, and schedule your group's workshop!
Our fee rate is a sliding scale, adjusted for length & setting, and often between $100-600.

Thank you for saying YES to the adventure. <3

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YOU <3
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Tell us, please, about your group and/or event.  In what larger context is this workshop going to be offered, if any? *
If the workshop should feature a snack component, are there particular dietary restrictions we should be considering? *
In which workshop(s) are you most interested? *
What would you most like your group to get out of this workshop? Are there particular topics you want to make sure we cover? *
How many people may attend the workshop? *
What is the workshop venue & address? *
How long would you like the workshop to be? Longer sessions offer more space for us to address the individual needs of participants. *
What is your availability like for this workshop?
Note here any specific time availabilities that would need be met.
What ought we have asked that we didn't ask? Do you have any additional questions or notes for us?
Is there anyone else in your life who might enjoy any of these offerngs?  We invite you to forward them this form.  Thank you. <3 .
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