YIMBY Action Affiliate Club Application
YIMBY Action connects and supports grassroots housing organizers. Whether you lead an established YIMBY organization or are just getting started with a neighborhood club, we want to collaborate and empower you to do more!

Use this form to apply to become an official YIMBY Action Affiliate Club or Organization. If you are having difficulty meeting the application requirements, email hello@yimbyaction.org to be connected with an experienced Lead to help coach you through the process.

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Examples: Grow the Richmond, Glen Park Urbanists, Castro for Housing, Mission YIMBY, Haight Ashbury Neighbors for Density (HAND)
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If your club falls outside of these descriptions, email hello@yimbyaction.org.
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We encourage this information to be published somewhere visible to your members.
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Leadership Requirements
We request that your club designate at least two Leads to share organizing responsibilities. They will be provided access to our private Leads Slack channel and receive additional rights and privileges within YIMBY Action. Learn more here: [link forthcoming]
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Membership Requirements
We encourage YIMBY Action Affiliate Clubs to meet regularly, put on events, set and achieve goals, and grow!

In order establish a minimum level of activity and demonstrate your ability to effectively organize, we ask that you mobilize at least 10 of your club's members to do the following:

1. Become members of YIMBY Action if they aren't already (join here: https://yimbyaction.org/join/)
2. Verify by email that they are organizing through your club (send confirmations to hello@yimbyaction.org)

Note: We are in the process of establishing voting membership which will be required in the future. YIMBY Action reserves the right to request re-qualification after that time and annual re-qualification to ensure that clubs remain active.

List 10 YIMBY Action members of your club *
Please provide full names and email addresses. We suggest that you email your 10 YIMBY Action members with hello@yimbyaction.org cc'ed and instructions to reply as verification that you are actively leading their club.
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