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You are doing a sentiment analysis task for Marvel Studios, where you want to predict the the prevailing sentiment wrt to movies from the studio. The studio has given you a hefty budget to perform this task, with the freedom to use it however you see fit. As your first step, and armed with knowledge from HW1, you scrape Twitter for tweets related to Marvel Studios and their movies. What would NOT be the next logical step? *
After a week , you have trained a LSTM model (you finally got that GPU!) using Keras on 5K tweets to predict sentiment. The performance is dismal - 57% accuracy on the held out set. Moreover, it takes over 2 hours to train 10 epochs. What do you do? *
After another few days, you finally have a model (based on the Bidirectional Attention Flow architecture) that gives ~98% F1 (you realised on the way that accuracy is not a good metric since your classes were imbalanced). What do you do next? *
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