【IAIM】2018 FIRST IAIM ASIAN CONTINUING EDUCATION FORUM “Touch, Bonding and Infant Health” (2018年亞洲區第一屆持續教育會議報名表)
Hello to all IAIM chapters reps/ contact persons and CIMIs,
It's a great honor for IAIM Taiwan Chapter to host 2018 FIRST IAIM ASIAN CONTINUING EDUCATION FORUM and we sincerely invite all CIMIs to attend this exciting and rare opportunity to meet, learn from other chapters and International Board members and to exchange ideas on promoting infant massage in Asia. The Education forum program details will be on our chapter website shortly so please remember to check in periodically!

Thank you for your participation! We look forward to meeting you in Taiwan in March!


【Participants參加對象】All members, CIMI's and student instructors are welcome;CIMI會員/ student instructors
【DATE 日期】Mar. 24 (Sat)~ 25 (Sun), 2018;2018年3月24~25日
【TIME 時間】
[Day1] Mar,24(Sat) PM14:00-17:45 (registration starting at 13:30pm);3月24日,下午2:00-下午5:45(下午1:30開始報到)
[Day2] Mar,25(Sun)AM9:30-16:40 (registration starting at 9:00am);3月25日,上午9:30-:下午4:40(上午9:00開始報到)
(Some of The Forum would be in Mandarin and onsite translation into English)

【LOCATION 地點】台中弘光科技大學,Hungkuang University- No. 1018, Sec. 6, Taiwan Boulevard, Shalu Dist., Taichung City 43302, Taiwan

Please go to our website to find more details of the Conference:http://www.tw.iaim.net/
協會電話Contact Tel:+886 966782966

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