UBC NOMAS Feedback Form
As part of our mission at UBC NOMAS, we strive to be a voice for all of our members and students. As such, this form is designed to collect all of your questions and thoughts on what our chapter can do to improve or what you personally would like to see us do as we move forward. This is a safe space so please feel free to tell us everything you are concerned about. In the case that you would like us to respond to you directly, please include your email. We look forward to working with you to create a better community!

*All names and emails will be kept confidential.
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Are there any events or activities that you want UBC NOMAS to organize?
Do you have any feedback for UBC NOMAS to improve as a student group?
Do you have any questions or concerns about equity, diversity, and inclusivity? (You are welcome to share your personal experience)
Email (if you would like us to respond)
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