SF State Early Start Registration at Other CSUs
Welcome to SF State and the Early Start Program. We're excited that you will be joining our campus community in the fall.

All students who want to take Early Start at other CSUs should complete the form below to avoid receiving a hold.

As a reminder, the following CSUs are recommended as equivalent options to Early Start math at SF State:

- Chico
- Dominguez Hills
- Fresno
- Fullerton
- Long Beach
- Los Angeles
- Pomona
- San Marcos
- Stanislaus

Students who want to take Early Start Math at CSUs not listed above, should not only complete the Google Doc but also then email us at develops@sfsu.edu to see what options exist.

Again, students who need Early Start English should take it through SF State, either in person or online. If a student opts to take Early Start English at another CSU, they still must complete SF State’s Directed Self Placement (www.dsp.edu) before choosing and enrolling into their Fall semester English Composition course.

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I understand that taking Early Start Math at another CSU may have some challenges. I have already checked SF State's website (developmentalstudies@sfsu.edu/esp) and reviewed the list of recommended CSUs to take my equivalent Early Start math course. Additionally, I understand that I will have to research all deadlines and processes required by my local CSU and follow those in time to be able to register as a student, enroll in a course, and complete that course. I understand that SF State cannot influence another campus' decision. SF State will automatically receive your grade from the CSU where you take your course. Please keep in contact with the Early Start staff at develops@sfsu.edu.
I have read the above statement and agree to it: *
If you have any more questions about Early Start, contact Developmental Studies at develops@sfsu.edu or call 415.405.0436.
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