March Madness of Books
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Rules and Scoring
If you read a book, please include the title and author. If you read a different format (ie: blog, newspaper, comic book, etc.) please include comparable information (name of blog, link to article, comic book series, etc.).

For additional points you may write out a 2 sentence summary of the book or article that you read.

1 point - Online article that is not assigned classwork
2 points - In person magazine or newspaper article
3 points - Short novels - 30 pages or less
4 points - Medium length novels - 31 pages -100 Pages
5 points - Long Novels - 100+ pages
6 points - Non fiction books

For the first 3 weeks in March the team who reads the most for that week will win the week.
At the end of the day on March 23rd the team who has read the most throughout the month will take on the teachers in the last week.

Prizes: Gift Cards, Sports Memorabilia, cougar cash and a desert buffet for the team that reads the most!
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Write a 2 sentence review of the book or article that you read for additional points.
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