MakerLodge Mentor Application!
For the Spring 2017 term
First & last
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without the please
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Phone number?
If you don't have one, put n/a
Your answer
Preferred method of contact
Do you not check your email ever? Do you prefer to communicate only by carrier pigeon? Are you addicted to facebook? Owls? Let us know here!
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We just want this information for our records; we welcome majors from all courses
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Class year?
We are undergrad only
Can you commit 4 hours per week to being a MakerLodge mentor?
If you can't, give us a really good reason why
In addition to the 4 hours per week above, can you commit an extra 2 hours during the semester to help with a shop-cleanout/part making session?
What are your other commitments for the semester?
How many units are you taking? Are you in other clubs? Do you have a UROP? Is this the semester you're finally serious about taking up intensive underwater basket-weaving? etc.
Your answer
Why do you want to be a mentor?
Your answer
What do you think is most important to maintaining a safe making environment?
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What's your favorite making skill?
Hammering, glassblowing, baking, sewing, drillling, cutting, making mailing lists, etc.
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Please rate your experience with 3D printers
This won't affect your chances; it's just helpful for us to know so that we can figure out how best to train you, etc.
I made a pop up card on a 2D printer once!
Look at this cool Trex shower head I made!
Please rate your experience with Laser Cutters
Again, same deal as above
I once cut out a paper snowflake with a pair of laser guided scissors
All of my belongings are laser engraved with my name
Please rate your experience with Hand Tools
I'm a regular household mechanic
Which tools are you most excited about working on/teaching?
Again, this won't affect your chances, it's just helpful for planning purposes :)
You have a sheet of 1/2" plywood, some scrap acrylic, 7 wheels, a couple of propellers, some dowels & 23 paperclips. What do you make?
Assume you have all the tools you want at your disposal (please have fun with this question)
Your answer
Are you available over the last two weeks of IAP to get trained?
It's fine if you're not, but again, it helps us to know so we can organize training :)
Anything else you'd like to share?
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