National Dental Patient Safety Incident Survey
My name is Priya Chohan and I am an Oral Surgery Leadership Fellow, based at Northamptonshire NHS Foundation Trust, and I am also working in conjunction with the Central Midlands Local Dental Network. This is a national survey forming one aspect of a project I am undertaking, which focusses on the topic of patient safety incidents in dentistry.

This survey is designed to gain an understanding of your awareness and opinions regarding patient safety incidents. It has been distributed to dentists nationally, and your responses are crucial to current research being undertaken in this field.

The survey responses will be used to:
• Optimise shared learning
• Drive positive change within the profession by creating a ‘just culture’
• Contribute to the development of the new Patient Safety Incident Management System (PSIMS), which will enable all healthcare professionals, including dentists, to record patient safety incidents and promote learning from them

Your responses will be used solely for research and learning.
There is a section where you may voluntarily offer sensitive information regarding specific patient safety incidents. If you choose to answer these questions, your responses will remain strictly anonymous.

The outcomes of the survey will be published and in the event of publication all answers will remain completely anonymous. Providing your details is optional, and if you would like to do so please add your details in the 'final comments' section, or alternatively you may email them to the address at the end of the survey.

This survey should take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. Once you have submitted your responses, it will not be possible to withdraw consent or retrieve the data submitted as it is completely anonymous. Responses cannot be saved before submission however, once submitted you may return and edit your survey. If you wish to close the survey and return and edit it, you will have to copy the ‘edit response’ link at the end of the survey and save it somewhere to access it again.

I would very much appreciate if you can spare the time to complete this survey, as it is an important opportunity to voice your opinions on this topic.

Thank you in advance for taking time to complete this survey.
Please state which year you gained your primary dental qualification (eg. BDS, DMD etc.). *
Your answer
Please rate how important you believe these reasons for reporting patient safety incidents are. *
Not important at all
Slightly important
Fairly important
Very Important
To learn from and to prevent future incidents
To improve patient care
To support the development of a 'just culture'
To identify systems and process errors
To improve team cohesion
To provide teams with an opportunity to identify problems with current practice
To monitor and potentially alter budgets for hospital trusts/primary care services
To allow patients to choose the safest care facilities
To uphold duty of candour
Please detail any other reasons why you feel it is important to report patient safety incidents.
Your answer
Please select which of these terms you are familiar with. *
Below is a list of patient safety incident terminology. Which of the following do you think it is currently compulsory to notify to a national organisation/body? *
Are you aware of which incidents are currently listed as Never Events according to NHS Improvement? *
Are you aware of what constitutes a Serious Incident according to NHS Improvement? *
All Never Events are classed as Serious Incidents? *
Which of the following events/incidents do you believe should be anonymously reportable in order to improve patient care in dentistry? *
The following questions are designed to ascertain your experiences of patient safety incidents. Some of these questions are optional and if you wish to confidentially speak to someone, or you would feel more comfortable disclosing any information via email rather than this survey, there is an email address provided at the end of the survey.
Any information that is discussed in the email will remain confidential.
If you encountered a Serious Incident/Never Event would you feel comfortable reporting it?
If you answered 'no' or 'it would depend on the nature of the event' please use this space to provide further detail.
Your answer
Are you familiar with to whom and how you should report a Patient Safety Incident? *
If you answered 'yes' to the above question please use this space to state the relevant bodies and method of reporting.
Your answer
Have you experienced any Never Events/Serious Incidents during your career?
If you answered 'yes' to the above question, have you or your trainer reported this event/these events?
If you answered 'no' to the above question please state why.
Your answer
Have you and/or your team learnt from this event or developed your practice?
If you answered 'no' to the above question please state why.
Your answer
Was the event investigated?
If you answered 'yes' to the above question please state who/which body the event was investigated by.
Your answer
From the list below, which of these do you feel is a barrier to you reporting patient safety incidents? (You may select more than one option) *
What facilitators/tools for reporting patient safety incidents would you feel comfortable using? *
Very Comfortable
Fairly Comfortable
Slightly Comfortable
Not Comfortable at all
National website for recording patient safety events centrally (including reporter details)
National website for recording patient safety events centrally (anonymised)
Reporting to a single system with details shared across the NHS (in line with data sharing agreements)
Reporting through an existing local system (please provide details of this system below)
Mobile application for reporting on-the-go
Reporting incidents via an online portfolio tool to enable reflective learning (to supplement national reporting)
Access to full details of incidents reported by colleagues/peers
Access to limited details of incidents reported by colleagues/peers
Ability to submit my own learning resources for colleagues/peers to access
Ability to collaborate around learning resources (e.g. add feedback, ask questions regarding incidents)
Learning materials developed by national bodies using national safety data
Learning materials developed by peers/colleagues
A system with integrated support from relevant organisations/bodies
Are there any other facilitators/tools to reporting patient safety incidents you feel comfortable using not mentioned above?
Your answer
Which of the following mechanisms do you feel are the most worthwhile for sharing learning from patient safety incidents? *
Most Useful
Least Useful
Practice Meetings
Trainee/GDP Support Network
Support from Dental Deaneries
Patient safety day road shows
The National Reporting and Learning System (NRLS)
Reporting to Commissioners
Patient Safety Alerts
Repository of previous patient safety alerts and other learning resources created by national bodies
Repository of learning resources created by colleagues/peers
Are there any other mechanisms not mentioned above that you feel would be useful to share learning from patient safety incidents?
Your answer
What interventions do you think would be most effective in preventing patient safety incidents? *
We already use this/something similar where I work
I would like this implemented where I work
Not sure what this is
WHO Safety Checklist
A supportive inclusive culture encouraging clinical team learning
Patient reporting
Locally developed interventions including Quality Improvement (QI) initiatives
Nationally-defined interventions developed by national bodies and professional organisations
Are there any other interventions you think would be effective in preventing patient safety incidents?
Your answer
Do you currently use any tools/interventions to prevent patient safety incidents? If 'yes' please state what they are and how they are effective.
Your answer
Which of these roles best describes your position? *
Please use this section to give more detail about your role i.e. primary care/secondary care. If you have indicated you are a specialist/specialist registrar/consultant/DCT/SAS grade/clinical academic/fellow, please indicate which speciality and level. *
Your answer
Please select which region you currently work in. *
Finally, please use this space to make any other comments that you would like to make concerning this topic/the survey.
Your answer
I would like to once again thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Your responses will be used to develop the evidence base for patient safety in dentistry and to support a culture change in this field. Please be aware that you can report any patient safety incident to the National Reporting and Learning System (NRLS).
Please feel free to email any comments to
Your comments will remain confidential and anonymous.

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