2021 T4MA Member Work Plan Submission: Step 1
Coalition members: we are developing the Transportation for Massachusetts work plan for calendar year 2021. This is your opportunity to propose that your organization receive funding to advance the coalition's priorities.

For more information on how to successfully participate in this process, visit t4ma.org/workplan

Proposals for funded work require two things from members:

Step 1:
Use this form to indicate for which of the T4MA policy priorities you would like to propose funded work in 2021. These priorities are based on the results of a survey that you and other coalition members were invited to complete in September, followed by discussions at the Executive Committee.

The deadline for Step 1 is Friday, December 4th at 12:00 PM.

Step 2:
After submitting this form, you must submit via email (i.e. not this form) a 1-2 page proposal that describes the work, the deliverable(s), and the range of funding requested for *each* policy area. A template for this document is available at Work Plan Central, t4ma.org/workplan.

The deadline for Step 2 is Thursday, December 10th at 5:00 PM.

-- You may propose work that does not fall into any of the areas listed, however, we expect that staff and the Executive Committee will prioritize proposals that do fall within this structure.

-- We expect that many members will submit multiple proposals. For example, you may submit one proposal to advocate for Regional Transit Authorities, and another proposal to advocate for local funding options. If you are submitting multiple proposals, please be sure to send a written Step 2 description for each one.

-- Only one individual should submit proposals from each member organization.

-- You may submit joint proposals with other T4MA Members, though we suspect that most organizations will submit proposals individually and that T4MA staff will coordinate across organizations. If you submit a joint proposal, please indicate other participating members. Those members should also submit this form. Your detailed proposal may be jointly submitted, however.

Please visit Work Plan Central at t4ma.org/workplan for any questions. Questions not answered there should be sent by email to Josh Ostroff, jostroff@t4ma.org. Thank you!

You will receive an email confirming your submission. You may edit your proposal after initial submission as long as edits are received by Friday, December 4th at 12:00 PM.
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