Satellite Science Olympiad 2021-2022 Acknowledgement of School Use and Primary Coverage - PA team version
Science Olympiad, Inc. has introduced a new model of participation for the 2021-2022 school year that permits remote recording and reporting of results from registered Science Olympiad member teams to their sanctioned State Science Olympiad Chapters. There are stipulations that registered teams must follow in order to participate in Satellite Science Olympiad tournaments. This agreement applies to the activities performed while away from in-person, single-location Science Olympiad tournaments held on college campuses or other sites.  

PASO Requirement: This form is required regardless of State in which a team is registered in order to participate in any tournament hosted by an organization in PA. This form only needs to be submitted once for the 2021-2022 season, regardless of the number of PA tournaments in which a team participates.

For Public and Private schools this form must be completed by a school Administrator.

For Home Schools this form will be completed by the head coach.

Here is the information the public or private school administrator will be acknowledging by his/her signature.

If my school is a public or private school, as a school administrator I certify that:

1. Our school has paid state and national membership dues to the State Science Olympiad Chapter in the state our school is located and is a registered team.

2. Our Science Olympiad program is a school-sponsored activity.

3. Our Science Olympiad team has permission to use our school building, facilities and equipment for Science Olympiad practice.  

4. All Science Olympiad team members are currently enrolled students of our school.  

5. All Science Olympiad activities will be supervised by school faculty or those who have met the requirements of being a school volunteer or mentor.

6. All Science Olympiad safety policies found under Policies at and are followed.

7. That the school’s insurance covering enrolled students while in the act of practicing for an extracurricular or school-sponsored event will be the primary coverage for the activities of Science Olympiad.

8. While participating in a Satellite Science Olympiad event, my school voluntarily assumes all risks and hereby releases, indemnifies and holds harmless the PASO or Science Olympiad, Inc., or any of their respective employees, agents, successors, and assigns (“Released Parties”) singularly and collectively, from and against any blame and liability for any injury, harm, loss, inconvenience, or any other damage of any kind connected to your participation in this Science Olympiad event.

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