Higher Education Literacy Partnership (HELP) of Minnesota - Summer 2021 Book / Discussion Club Interest Survey
Thank you for your interest in HELP's 2021 Book Club! HELP is sponsoring Book / Discussion Clubs again this summer to support literacy educator professional development. Educators will meet virtually or face to face around Minnesota to study & discuss three articles aligned to our theme: "Foundational Reading Skills—Research and Practices." The articles are published by The International Literacy Association (ILA), The International Dyslexia Association (IDA) and The Reading League and were selected by the HELP advisory board.

The purpose of this survey is to identify book club facilitators and participants. Upon completion of book club discussions, facilitators and participants will have the opportunity to come together in a symposium or webinar in September 2021 (specific date TBD) to hear from literacy education scholars and delve deeper into the content of the articles. For more information about the Higher Education Literacy Partnership, please visit https://helpliteracymn.org/

The following articles are the focus of this summer's book club discussions:
*The Science of Learning to Read Words: A Case for Systematic Phonics Instruction by Linnea Ehri
*How the Phonology of Speech is Foundational for Instant Word Recognition by David Kilpatrick
*Core Learning webinar: Why Phonemic Proficiency is necessary for all readers by David Kilpatrick https://www.corelearn.com/webinar-download-why-phonemic-proficiency-is-necessary-for-all-readers/
*The Reading League Volume 1 Issues 1&2:
1. Creating a Literacy-Centric School District: Our District's Story of Learning by Kenneth Slentz (Vol. 1 Issue
1, pp. 20-23)
2. Reading Science and Educational Practice: Some Tenets for Teachers by Seidenberg & Barkenhagen (Vol.
1, Issue 1, pp. 6-11)
3. Simple but Not Simplistic: The Simple View of Reading Unpacked and Expanded by Kim (Vol. 1, Issue 2,
pp. 15-22)
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