10th Annual Chowder Cook-off - 2019 REGISTRATION FORM
You are invited to participate in the 10th Annual Downtown Ithaca Chowder Cook-off on Saturday, December 7th 2019, from 12 to 5pm!

The Chowder Cook-off is part of the first ever Winter Light Festival, and will take place on the Commons and surrounding streets. This is a great chance to reach thousands of local and visiting customers, and to promote your business by highlighting what you do best!

We have three categories of participants:
1. Chowder Cook-off Competitors - businesses serving up chowder and competing for prizes
2. Farmers - offering samplings of the items you produce and/or offering farm-produced items for purchase
3. Breweries and wineries - offering tastings of your beverages

Please complete the form below to sign up. The deadline to sign up as a participant is November 25th, 2019.

There is no cost to participate in the Chowder Cook-Off. The Downtown Ithaca Alliance will sell sampling tickets (for $1 per taste), and give out ballots to those tasting your offerings.

-Participants purchase tickets from the ticket booth (Center of the Commons at the Downtown Visitors Center) or in advance. Restaurants and breweries/wineries will only accept tickets for samples (no cash sales at booths). One ticket equals one tasting.
-For all food vendors, tasting should be a sample of your Chowder. We will provide 1,000 sampling cups, but please bring 2-3 oz. cups for if/when those cups run out. Participants will receive a spoon when they receive their sampling tickets.
-Breweries and wineries should give one 2-3oz taste of beer.
-Return the sampling tickets you have collected at 5pm when you are finished to the center ticket booth for collection. Your restaurant/brewery name will be written on the collection bags we distribute.

-Reimbursements will be made based on the number of tickets you collect. The more tickets you collect, the higher the reimbursement rate is: Sliding scale .10 to .40cents/ticket based on number of tickets.
-Feel free to count the number of tickets you turn in and write the number on the outside.
*The DIA pays the sales tax on all tickets.

-You will collect tickets throughout the day, and return them to the information/ticket booth at the end of the day before you leave. Tickets will not be accepted at any other time. This event is free to restaurants/breweries/farmers to participate in and Downtown Ithaca Alliance will provide reimbursements to you based on the number of tickets you collect!

-Your Chowder will be judged by “The People”! Encourage folks to fill out a ballet at the ticket booth and mark yours as the winner for the Chowder Cup! Ballots must be in by 5:00 to be valid. Each patron may only complete one ballot.
Categories will include: Best Overall Seafood Chowder, Best Traditional Clam Chowder (Manhattan or New England), Best Vegetarian, and Best Meat Chowder.

-Bring at least 10 gallons of Chowder (the more you bring the longer you stay in to win and the better % you get back on tickets)
- Your equipment to get the job done. Equipment details listed below.
-You are responsible for all set up materials to be brought with you on the day of the event. We will provide 1,000 sampling cups but please bring additional cups for if/when those run out.
-A tarp to place under your booth space to protect from stains and mess. Every stain puts us in jeopardy of losing the privilege to have events on the Commons.

Equipment List:
-Items such as equipment, tables, tent, chairs, ticket receptacle, pouring devices, promotional materials, paper goods and menus
-Please bring adequate extension cords if your heating receptacle will need power.

-(1000) Portion Cups per participant.
-The DIA will supply spoons for tasting when participants purchase tickets. (These spoons will not be handed out to booths)

The 2019 Chowder Cook-off will take place on Restaurant Row, throughout the Commons at Restaurant Fronts and on North Cayuga Street. Everyone is outside, so please Dress accordingly!

LOAD IN/OUT: Restaurants who are setting up on the Commons will not be able to bring their vehicles on to the Commons because Ice Fest Speed Competition Attendees will be on site as of 9am. We will post ‘No Parking’ signs along Seneca St next to the Bernie Milton Pavilion stage for you to temporarily pull up and unload your vehicles. We only have (2) hand carts to loan so please keep that in mind when packing supplies.

TICKET SALES: From Noon – 4:30 and participants serve until samples are finished or at 5:00pm.

Email eventsdowntownithaca@gmail.com with the Subject: Chowder Cook-Off and your business name
Office: 607-277-8679

Scott Rougeau- Special Events Director
Olivia Pastella- Special Events Associate
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All participants must take tickets for samples. Participants must bring a minimum of 10 gallons of their sample item to participate in the event.
NON CHOWDER VENDORS ONLY: What will you be selling?
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Will you be using Propane or Electric? If you will be using propane OR butane, please apply for a propane permit from June Overslaugh at the Ithaca Fire Department. 310 West Green Street; Ithaca NY 14850. Phone: 607-272-1234 ; 607-272-2793 (fax) *
List all equipment that requires electricity and amps required: *
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What type of chowder will you be bringing (click all that apply)? *
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*Please list all equipment being used onsite. (most soups should come hot and are held in an igloo or hot box inside 1 gallon bags until added to chaffing dishes)
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PARTICIPATION WAIVER: As an exhibitor, I agree to comply with the rules and regulations of this event. That, in consideration of my being accepted, I intend to be legally bound; that I do hereby, for myself and my heirs, executors, administrators, successors, and assigns, release and forever discharge any and all rights and claims for damages which I may have or hereafter accrue to me against the City of Ithaca and the Ithaca Downtown Business Improvement District, Inc. DBA Downtown Ithaca Alliance, and employees, members, and Board of Directors for any and all damages, losses and injuries sustained to me and/or workers at the Chowder Cook-off. I hereby agree to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend the aforementioned entities from any claim or cause of action for property damage, personal injury and/or wrongful death. I attest that I am physically fit and responsible for my own actions. *
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