Parent Survey for Climate Team
Schools in PPS are required to define five or fewer behavioral expectations, rules, agreements or values for students. Some schools use values such as safe, respectful, responsible. The Peninsula climate team will use them to design common area expectations, teach them to students, and incorporate them into everything we do. It is important that they reflect the school community. As we design them, we would like to collect your feedback.
What would you prefer we call school wide "expectations"?
What are your ideas for 5 or fewer positively stated behavioral expectations, rules, values, or agreements for Peninsula students?
In the past Peninsula used the PRIDE acronym ( Perseverance, Responsibility, Integrity, Dependability, Empathy) and the four Bs (Be respectful, Be responsible, Be safe, Be your best).
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How would you like to see your child acknowledged for positive school behavior?
In the past we have done panther paws, self-manager program, in-class recognition, award assemblies.
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What responses to unexpected school behavior do you feel are appropriate?
(In the past students have had problem solving conversations with staff and peers; students have been sent to the office; staff have called home)
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In which area of school climate do you feel Peninsula needs to grow?
(School climate includes: teaching school-wide expectations, acknowledging appropriate behavior, correcting errors, requesting assistance, and understanding the influence of race, culture, and language on student behavior and choices. )
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What information, training, or supports would you like the school to provide for parents?
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In what ways would you want to be involved in the design of a positive school climate?
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