Covid-19 Response: Serving our Neighbors
In this unprecedented public health emergency, we are doing everything within our power as a church to love our neighbor as ourselves and to ‘flatten the curve’ of the pandemic by practicing social distancing. The danger as we take these necessary measures is that social distancing would turn into isolation, and that we would no longer be able to fellowship or to care for one another as the body of Christ. We have asked community groups to continue to meet in virtual form, through Google Hangouts, Zoom, or some other online tool, and we are committed to continuing to pray for one another and offer assistance as we are able.

We are using this form to help us establish a HUB at Ascension to understand what needs exist within our congregation and beyond, and then deploy the vast resources of our congregation to meet them.
Do you have all the supplies (food, prescriptions) you need if quarantined for a 2 week period? *
Were you able to livestream the Ascension service this past Sunday?
Are you in a Community Group? (Community Group leaders will regularly check in with their members)
If not in an Ascension Community Group, do you want to be partnered with a 'buddy'? Buddies will check in on you regularly by phone, will pray with you and for you, and will alert church leaders to your needs should you become ill or be in extended quarantine.
Would you be willing to be a 'buddy' to someone who needs one during the current crisis (the next 8 -12 weeks)? In the buddy system, social distancing norms still apply and in-person contact is not recommended. Buddies are encouraged to establish regular phone contact, to pray, and when appropriate to alert church leaders to the physical, practical or emotional needs of the person they are coming alongside.
There are populations that are more vulnerable - those 60+, those with underlying conditions, those adults who are single and living alone. Will you actively reach out to 3 - 5 people in your Ascension family in an ongoing way who fit these descriptions, communicating with them at least weekly for the next 8 - 12 weeks (or until the crisis subsides)?
Similar to above, will you actively reach out to 3 - 5 individuals beyond your Ascension family - in your neighborhood and professional worlds - who are particularly vulnerable or who are in isolation due to exposure and/or sickness, communicating with them at least weekly for the next 8 - 12 weeks (or until the crisis subsides)?
Are you willing to PREPARE A MEAL for front porch delivery to those who are sick or in isolation?
Are you willing to DELIVER MEALS to the exterior front door of those who are sick or in isolation?
Are you willing to do ERRANDS for those who are sick or in isolation (pick up groceries, get a prescription?)
Are you willing to participate in a ministry to the elderly in apartments across from the church (between Neville and Craig)? Social distancing rules and recommendations from Allegheny County will be strictly observed. The ministry will possibly involve the following: the 'buddy system' described above (phone contact, prayer); delivery of meals to apartment doors; running errands.
Do you have additional comments or would you like to let the Ascension pastoral care team know anything about your personal situation in the midst of this crisis? We would like to pray for you and support you as effectively as we can.
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