R2Games Forum Moderation Application
Interested in joining our team of Forum Moderators? Read the following information, then take a few moments to complete the form.

Our duties:
We monitor the forum to ensure our rules are being followed
We aim to respond to all questions and issues posted on the forum
We direct players to proper areas for the support they need, both on and off the forum
We communicate the needs of the players to R2 staff

Our requirements:
Must be fluent in English
Must be over 18
Must be available daily for posting on the forum and communicating with the team
Must be able to download and use QQ chat program
Must be self-motivated

Note: As with all applications, there is no guarantee of a position. This form is simply to express interest. You can contact MemoryLane on the forum if you have additional questions or wish to skip the form. All applicants will be contacted via forum private message if being considered for a position. The correct answer for the reading comprehension question is Bunnies.

What game are you applying for? We are currently seeking moderators for the following games: *
What is your main character name and server? *
What is your forum name? We will contact you by private message on the forum if you are selected for the next stage. *
Why do you want to join our team? *
If you could change one thing about the forum, what would it be, and why? *
Describe in detail how you would handle someone who is breaking the rules of the forum. Note: There is no right or wrong answer here, specific policies will be provided if accepted to our team. *
How old are you? *
What country or time zone do you reside in? *
Are you fluent in languages other than English? List them below.
Reading comprehension is important as a forum moderator. Please select the correct answer. *
Do you have any experience with being a moderator? Any other information you want us to know? Use this space for anything you would like to share, or click the Submit button below.
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