Story Workshop with Joel Nakamura for 3rd Grade Age and Up

Online - Zoom

Saturday, March 27th
Saturday, April 3rd

Supplies Needed:
-Black Sharpie pens (fine and X-fine)
-Sticky note pads 3” x 3” (at least 3 colors)
-Copy paper (standard size)
-Notepad/notebook: To write down ideas

Thanks to Vital Spaces who will be providing 25 supply kits per workshop
Random Narratives is a fun workshop focused on creative exploration through the construction of stories from images.

We all wish we could be more creative, but how do we accomplish this? It’s easier to be
creative when we have a starting foundation to build off of, without expectations or pressure. In this workshop, we’ll participate in an exercise and create an entertaining story from random images and words.

Joel Nakamura is an artist, illustrator, and author known for his colorful and imaginative work.
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