Watershed Classroom Post-Assessment
Grades 3-5
This is not a test!
This assessment will not be graded. Your teacher will not be able to see how you did. We just want to know what you know. So relax and answer the questions to the best of your ability.

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Personal Experience Survey
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On a scale of 1 to 5 how much do you enjoy having class time outside?
I hate it.
I love it.
On a scale of 1 to 5, how do you feel about the Petaluma River?
I really don't like the Petaluma River.
I love the Petaluma River.
On a scale of 1 to 5, how important do you think the Petaluma River has been in shaping Petaluma's history?
Not important at all
Very important
How likely are you to do something to help the Petaluma River outside of school (like go to a river cleanup or community gardening day)?
Not likely. I will not do this.
Very likely. I plan to do this.
Multiple Choice Assessment
What is outlined in black in this picture? *
Captionless Image
What is represented by the white line in this picture? *
Captionless Image
What is outlined in white in this picture? *
Captionless Image
Who were the first people to live along the Petaluma River? *
In 1776, who started a hunting colony where Petaluma is today? *
What kind of boat carried goods up and down the Petaluma River? *
What is a watershed? *
Camila walks to school over the Payran Bridge which crosses the Petaluma River. One sunny day she noticed that in the morning the water level in the river was very low. She could see lots of mud along the water. By the afternoon, the river was full of water and it hadn't even rained! Why did the water level change? *
Why is the Petaluma River cloudy and brown?
Is the Petaluma River salt or fresh water? *
What is the definition of a native plant *
When you flush the toilet, where does the water go? *
Which list of things below is ok to flush down the toilet?
Emily lives with her dad in Petaluma. One day she saw him washing his car in the front yard and noticed that all the soap and water was going into the storm drain. She knew where the water was going and she told him that everything that went down the storm drain ended up... *
David and Lynn live up on a farm on Sonoma Mountain overlooking the Petaluma River. They were changing the oil in their truck and David wanted to dump the oil in the dirt and cover it up. Lynn thought that was a bad idea. If they asked you what you thought, what would you tell them? *
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