Science ATL Teen Event Survey
Science ATL is working with a team of teens to create a series of science-themed events just for teens. These events would take place outside of school and include ways to interact with science topics in ways that are inclusive, welcoming, fun, festive, and of course meaningful and curiosity-inspiring. We want to design these events to meet the preferences and interests of people like you. We have been working hard to provide community-based monthly events such as our annual Summer Book Club, the Science of Self-Care, and the Science of Roller-Skating. Please help us by providing your feedback so that we can continue to co-create events, specifically for teens.

We value your voice. As a way to show we value your time and input we will be conducting a random drawing where one lucky winner will win a $100 VISA gift card. If you would like to enter, please remember to share your email address below.

Please share this survey with your friends in grades 6-12 in the metro Atlanta area!
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