Anime Iwai D&D 2021
This is the sign up for Anime Iwai Dungeons and Dragons 5e gaming that will be occurring at the convention in 2021. Thank you for your interest! We look forward to playing with you!
What name would you like to be referred to by? Nicknames are fine. We wish to have it to write down for your time slot. *
What are your preferred pronouns?
Is there a way that we can get in contact with you so that we can inform you of your play times and dates on or before the event? Please note one of these below: Discord, email, or text message. *
How old are you? *
Are you interested in playing or being a Dungeon Master? *
For Anime Iwai, what day(s) will you be available to play? Check all to apply. *
What times would you be available to play during the dates listed above? Check all that apply. *
How long have you played dungeons and dragons 5th edition (if at all)? Note: having no experience is A-OK! Everyone starts somewhere. *
Are you interested in Adventurer's League dungeons and dragons 5e play? *
What worlds are you interested in exploring as a part of your experience? Check all that apply.
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