Middle School: Class Sign-Up (Session 5 Only)
We're so happy you're interested in CIP Session 5! This sign-up form is for the middle school student to complete with their parent/guardian. Both the student participating in Connect-in-Place and their parent/guardian must be present to fill out this form, as it includes a waiver that the parent/guardian must sign.

This form was due by Friday, February 19 at 12:00 noon PDT. Late sign-ups are still being accepted, but there's no guarantee that you'll be placed in a class.

Class Titles and Descriptions are attached here:

IMPORTANT: The more classes you rank, the more likely you are to be placed in a class! Connect-in-Place reserves the right to not place students in any class.
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Student & Parents: I have read the full class schedule and understand that some classes have special requirements and prerequisites. I understand that if I do not meet these prerequisites, I will be dropped from the class during the first week. *
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For students: are you comfortable turning your video and audio on? (Required for some classes) *
How many classes would you like to enroll in? (Whether or not you will be placed in multiple classes will depend on how many students enroll in Connect-In-Place, as well as the popularity of the classes you are interested in.) *
For the parent/guardian: I have read the attached liability waiver, and agree to the Connect-In-Place terms and conditions. *
For the parent/guardian: Please write out your full name as a signature that you have read and agreed to the Connect-In-Place terms and conditions. *
(Optional) For the student: What are you most looking forward to about Connect-In-Place?
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