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Please fill in this form if you are interested in applying to join Lanfranco Aceti on a rambling performance to Chequers Manor. Please fill your details below and we will contact you by Friday 12 April, 2013, at 6pm via email or phone number. The Press Release, with more details, is available here:

Lanfranco Aceti Inc. sponsors 10 return train trips from London to Wendover, to the country home of the current Prime Minister. In the spirit of sacrifice and sharing the costs of the current debt, perhaps the Prime Minister may consider providing accommodation in the extra number of rooms of his country home.

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This is to give us some indication of your reasons for wanting to live in an idyllic countryside manor with 1,235 acres of farmhouse and woods!
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No place is quiet like home without your most treasured possessions, so what is yours?
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Please note that the trip will be photographed and video recorded as well as used to create artworks. By submitting this form and taking part in this trip you agree for images and all data, as well as objects (such as tickets, luncheon receipts and etc.) to be used by the artists free of charge for artworks, publications and any other media usage and display in the UK and abroad. *
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