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So you want to learn more about Teens Camping Tour of the West! That's great. Please complete the following form so that we can plan a slideshow near you. We will use interest from this form to determine additional informational meeting locations and then let you know once they are scheduled. The informational slideshow meetings take place in January and February each year and the schedule is included below and on our website
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We like to keep track of who told you about TCTW! If you found TCTW yourself or recommended yourself, that's totally okay too!
2020 Informational Slideshow Schedule
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Here is a list of the places we are currently planning to have a slideshow. Select the most convenient location for you. You aren't locked into attending the one you pick or any if you change your mind. This just allows us to assign you to an area so that the listed representative on our recruitment board can contact you when we have a location nailed down. The whole schedule will be posted on our website as those details are solidified, so you can go to whichever works best in your schedule.
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Checking you would like to be considered for summer 2019 will get you on the invite list for an informational slideshow in Jan/Feb 2019. Locations and dates will be set according to interest and will be determined by the end of December. You will be notified of the date of the nearest slideshow once the schedule has been set. If you select to be kept on the list, you will get information again at the end of 2019 for summer 2020.
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I'll make sure to update our database so that you get information the fall before the summer you are interested in traveling with us.
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I want to make sure I have the best contact information to let you know about the informational slideshows once they are scheduled. Please submit your contact information to ensure what I have is accurate and complete.
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