Bithumb Global User Survey
The following questionnaire is to get a better understanding of what you think and to use research to improve our service. Please check and write the reply that applies to you.
The answers will be confidential, and it will be used only for research purposes.
Thanks for taking part in this questionnaire. We wish you a happy day!
1. Choose your range in age *
2. What is your nationality?
3. Are you a customer of Bithumb? *
4. If yes, how satisfied were you with the Bithumb's service? *
very unsatisfied
very satisfied
5. If you rate below poor inclusive, please describe the reason for it.
6. What features do you look for in a cryptocurrency exchange? *
7. If you use other cryptocurrency exchange, describe what you like about your current cryptocurrency exchange.
8. Which coins you want Bithumb newly list on?
9. Suggestion for the features or anything you would like to talk to Bithumb.
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