Congrats marchers, we broke Google! With so many responses, we surpassed the operating limit of Google form responses. We believe this to be unprecedented. Google has graciously offered us support. We have collected all responses, but the response set is so big, we're having a hard time accessing it. They have recommended we setup a second form to collect new attendees while they help us access the data in the old one. You do not need to fill this out if you filled out the original Headcount form. You can find the new headcount form here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeO_YFCKyWcrDIXEUSSZE5O_0L0VXohyX-PDvy5EBn7l2i7nQ/viewform

Please only fill out this Headcount form if you've navigated to it from this page, or if you've navigated to it from a womensmarch.com page. Do not directly share the link on social media, instruct people to go through the site. We have reports of forms impersonating this one on the web, if you go through womensmarch.com, you will get our version. See you Saturday in DC, or in your local area for a Sister March!
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