Digital Nomad living in Saint Lucia?
Interested in working remotely in St Lucia? Curious about what that might be like? Let's make it happen! We're a group of nomads and local travel pros and would like to make it a reality as well. This survey can help us make sure we provide the experience you are looking for.
Where are you from? *
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What budget do you have for rent per month (in USD) *
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Would you be traveling alone or with dependents? *
Which of these are most important when it comes to where you live? Please choose the 5 most important *
How would you prefer to get around? *
How interested would you be in living in a shared/communal space with other digital nomads/like-minded people? *
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this is exactly what I'm looking for!
What kind of activities would you be interested in on island? Check all that apply *
Will you need hired assistance while on island? *
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