2018 Summer Program Application Form
This is the application form for the ISSJ 2018 Summer Program. Please fill out the following questions in English. You are required to sign into a google account for answering this form.

We strongly recommend to write your essays by text first and paste to the form in case an error occurs.

After submission, you will receive an auto reply with your application summary from google form. This also means your application has successfully been submitted to ISSJ. For those who passed screening on their essay, ISSJ will inform you the details of the online interview. It might take a month to proceed to the online interview depending on the number of applicants.If you have any trouble submitting the application form, please inquire at apply@science-school.org.
Earlier application is highly recommended.

【Personal Information Policy】
The information given will be accessed by authorized ISSJ administration staff and will be only viewed for the purpose of application to the ISSJ 2018 Spring Program. We will partly use the information given such as, participants age, where they are from, and school names for our report without identifying personnel. For more details please inquire at info@science-school.org. The name and photo associated with your Google account will be recorded when you upload files and submit this form.

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The scholarship covers the student's participation fee (worth 125,000 JPY) include tuition, accommodation, meals and insurance during the program. It does not include student's travel cost such as flight and transportation fee to/from venue and your place. An additional online interview is required for this selection.
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