Season 4 ICASSTT®, LLC H.S. Trifecta 5/4/24 Heidecke Lake Tournament Entry form
Back up location incase Braidwood closes due to high winds Kankakee/Des Plaines River

Please fill out the information for this tournament. Your anglers MUST HAVE a B.A.S.S. membership number to submit this form. They must sign up with BASS (this is a one-time payment for the year) and get the membership number before you fill out this form. Each angler must also be in good standing with B.A.S.S. Nation Dues.

At the end you will be given a Confirmation message with a link to pay through Square. Each boat is $60

If the tournament is full your payment link will read OUT OF STOCK. Your registration will count as a waitlist, waitlist is timestamped, make sure to submit registration. You will be contacted if you are in and you will be sent a payment link.

Refunds will be allowed on a case to case situation, many teams last year pulled out of Events because of weather and because they knew they wouldn't make the Clash Championships. This became a larger issue not only for waitlisted teams and registered teams.

Due to legal and financial agreements, an Adult should be the only person submitting this form. If a student is found submitting this form you will be DENIED ENTRY and refused a REFUND.
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B.A.S.S. Nation Dues 
By Clicking I Agree to Pay B.A.S.S. Nation Dues you will be able to complete the Registrations form 
This also confirms that you will agree to pay these dues by April 1st 2024. B.A.S.S. Nation dues are different from B.A.S.S. Memberships. Failure to pay will put your whole team on probation until each payment for each Angler of your team is paid for. If this event is after April 1st B.A.S.S. Nation Dues will be paid immediately upon registrations completion. The ICASSTT® Director will be in contact with you for this situation.  

**Your dues may have already been paid for**
Payments for all active anglers are required to be paid for by April 1st of 2024. 

By clicking I Do Not Agree To Pay B.A.S.S. Nation dues you will not be able to participate in this or any ICASSTT® Events. B.A.S.S. Nation Dues are an essential payment requirement that B.A.S.S. requires all ICASSTT® participants to comply. 
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