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Requests for events to be held at the church must be submitted to the office at a minimum of two weeks prior to the event. Staff will review the form at the next meeting and you will be notified of the outcome. Please do not promote an event before you have received approval. If your event has been approved, you will get an email from the church administrator that outlines further details. - Living Hope Staff
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Please Note:
- The Administrator has the freedom to decide how the event is publicized. Including in what capacity, frequency, and outlet.
- If childcare is being offered, it is your responsibility to find childcare. Childcare must be provided by an approved background checked worker.
- The contact person is responsible for ensuring that the facility has been cleaned, locked, and all the lights are turned off at the end of the event.
-You will receive an email in the next few days from the church administrator indicating whether or not your event has been approved. A deposit may be necessary based on the whether or not your party plans on cleaning the facility afterwards. The deposit fee will be based on the anticipated attendance.
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