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Reproductive Rights and Justice: Please indicate which of the following statements reflect your views (check as many as apply). *
How will you be a champion for reproductive rights and justice?
Economic Justice: Please indicate whether you will be a champion on the following economic justice issues (check as many as apply). *
How will you be a champion for economic justice?
Ending Violence Against Women: There are many interrelated aspects to this issue — domestic violence; sexual assault; sexual harassment; violence at abortion clinics; hate crimes across lines of gender, sexuality and race; the gender bias in our judicial system that further victimizes survivors of violence; and the violence of poverty emphasized by the radical right’s attacks on poor women and children. Briefly describe your support for policies to end violence against women, including (but not limited to) funding for services for survivors of sexual and domestic violence. *
How will you be a champion for ending violence against women?
Ending Violence Against Women - Gun Safety Legislation: Please indicate which (if any) gun safety laws you support. *
How will you be a champion for gun safety legislation?
Racial Justice: Racism inflicts a double burden of race and sex discrimination on women of color. Seeing human rights as indivisible, NOW is committed to identifying and fighting against those barriers to equality and justice that are imposed by racism including employment, education, reproductive rights, police violence, and mass incarceration. Please describe your commitment to dismantling racism and promoting racial justice. *
How will you be a champion for racial justice?
LGTBQIA Rights: Do you share NOW's commitment to fight discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity in all areas, including: *
How will you be a champion for LGBTQIA rights?
Constitutional Equality for Women: Equality in pay, job opportunities, political structure, social security and education will remain an elusive dream without a guarantee of equality in the U.S. Constitution (Oregon voters approved the ERA to the state constitution in 2014). Do you support a guarantee of equality for women in the U.S. Constitution? *
If you are a candidate for federal office, how will you be a champion of constitutional equality for women?
This is a partial list of some of the bills and initiatives that we've endorsed in the past. Please indicate which of the following you also supported or would support: *
Are you a feminist? If yes, how will your office be influenced by your feminism? *
Are you a member of the National Organization for Women (NOW)? (You can follow this link if you'd like to join: www.noworegon.org/join-now.html) *
What are your top 3-5 priorities, if elected? *
Please briefly describe your fundraising plan and strategy for winning the election. Who are some of your top supporters (people and organizations)? *
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