Piano Tuning Request SY16/17
School Site
South HS
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Requestor Name
Emily Quinn
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Piano Make
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Piano Serial #
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Piano Location
Band room, choir room
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Teacher Contact Information
Identify how you would like to be contacted by piano tuner to schedule tuning. Phone number or email address
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Site Contact Information
Name and phone number of site contact in case you are not present. Secretary, etc.
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Best Time
Please indicate days of week and hours that piano is available for tuning. Allow 60 minutes for one piano, and please include lunch time hours, early mornings etc.
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Time of Tuning
Please indicate if you need the piano to be tuned by a specific date/time for a performance. ALLOW 2 WEEKS FOR THE REQUEST TO BE FILLED.
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I understand that 2 weeks are needed for my request to be filled.
Would you like Simon to contact you prior to scheduling the tuning?
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