CALLOUT: For a global, decentralized “Weekend of Action and Study” against and beyond the university-as-such
We, the Undercommoning Collective, invite all those over whom the neoliberal, neocolonial university casts its shadow, all those who struggle within, against and beyond the university-as-such, to join us the weekend of October 14-16, 2016 for a global coordinated decentralized day of radical study and action.

We encourage local organizers to plan an event during this weekend that fits their strategic objectives. It could be a public meeting. It could be a secret society. It could be a demonstration. It could be an act of (literal or metaphoric) sabotage or theft. It could be a strike, a sit-in or a building occupation. It could be one hour long, or many. It could be the foundation of a new group or an intervention in an old one.

The overall objective is to recognize that struggles within, against and beyond the university are diverse and specific to our contexts, but that the undercommons (those networks of solidarity and revolt that operate underneath the institution) are connected and can study with one another.

It can be as easy as simply naming a time and place and seeing who shows up. It could be a small part of a much larger struggle or campaign. Actions could be ambitious or modest. Anyone can organize one. Multiple actions could happen in the same municipality or on the same campus. We encourage organizing across groups, sectors, and communities. But we don’t believe in false unities. We affirm and celebrate the need for women, people of colour, queers and other people experiencing oppression to sometimes organize closed spaces as a means to generate and affirm collective power.

The Undercommoning Collective wants to share ideas and build networks of support via our website. If you would like to have an event listed (we will update the list in September), please use this Google form.

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