AI-Related Web/Mobile App Questionnaire

This questionnaire has been developed to collect vital information related to the development of your AI-enabled web or mobile application. 

The ten questions aim to capture details regarding the intended function, desired AI features, data requirements, user experience enhancements, platform availability, ethico-legal considerations, integration needs, project timeline, and budget estimations.

Your answers will offer us a comprehensive overview of your vision for the application, enabling us to strategically plan its design and functionality. 

The more detailed your responses, the better we can align the app's development to your unique needs and preferences. We look forward to co-creating a sophisticated and market-centered application that optimally harnesses the power of AI to provide great user experiences, and that helps achieve your business objectives.

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What is the main function or purpose of the web/mobile application you wish to develop?
What AI functionality or feature do you want to incorporate in your application (e.g., recommendation system, language processing, facial recognition, etc.)?
What kind of data will the AI feature be predominantly working with (text, images, audio, numerical data)?

Do you have a dataset to train the AI or will it be needed to be collected or acquired?

How do you envision the AI feature improving user experience on your app?

What platforms will your application be available on (Android, iOS, web)?

Considering the nature of your app and its AI functionality, are there specific ethical or privacy considerations to be taken into account (e.g., user data privacy, algorithmic bias)?

Do you have any existing software or systems that this application needs to be integrated with? If so, please describe.

What is your target timeline for the development and launch of this application?

What is your estimated budget for developing this application?

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