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Hi! thanks for your interest in becoming a Goodness Tea'Mate.
Our process: 1) Ask how you can help, and volunteer! Stay connected and when the right internship opens up, we will know you ready and clearly the one for it. 2) Receive notification and sign up for available projects. 3) Train for 21-hours (equivalent to 3 full farmer's market days). 4) Ensure documentation of training with an authorized Tea'Mate Teacher 5) Qualify to join payroll! 6) Sign up for Contributor Opportunities (shifts and contracted-tasks) 7) Alternately, if you are already self-employed, commit to charge Goodness Tea an hourly rate that matches our pay scale and your agreed to "time-in" as a Tea'Mate, or only choose from the contracted-opportunities with a set pay-per-project.

With a record of the certifications earned through training, and dialogue your teachers, we can work together to match your gifts with our opportunities. There are many branches on the Goodness Tree; let's find the best fit for you to climb and play on as we grow!

Our basic pay structure:
- Starting wage 2018: $11.50
- Quarterly quarter raises ($0.25 every four months)
- Entitled to one fancy drink and a small treat/snack per shift. Unlimited hot herbal teas. You may give your one-fancy-drink-per-shift to a friend or family member, but not the unlimited hot teas. Thanks for understanding. That could add up quick!
- Access to purchase raw materials through the company for cost+5%
- Be a part of our vision to realize a company designed to steward all its resources for goodness sake!

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