What is the financial stability of your media? (for US and EU media)
This 3-minute anonymous questionnaire will allow us to understand better the situation of the existence of local media in the US and EU.
A similar questionnaire also pass local media from Ukraine.

Your answers and the answers of your colleagues from Ukraine will help us make a manual on building the financial stability of the hyperlocal media existence in Ukraine.

The survey is conducted by the Fund "Union" within the project "Fostering Civic Journalism in Ukrainian's Regions" with the financial support of NED. Read more about the project and the Foundation here: http://en.fundunion.org/2015/11/fostering-civic-journalism-in.html

How many people work in your media? *
How long does your media exist? *
How many readers/viewers your media have per month? *
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Do your employees get fees for work in your media? *
Did your media get a grant support from donors on its' development? *
At what expense does your media exist? *
You can choose a few variants
How much income brings you each of these activities? *
up to 10% of the total income
10-40% of the total income
41-60% of the total income
61-90% of the total income
more than 90%
Banner advertising
Paid articles/videos
Paid subscription
Another form of advertising
Own funds
What is the average amount of money you spend on the existence of your media per month (in dollars)? *
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Is your media profitable? *
Profitability means here - you get more money than you spends on the functioning of the media
For what you have a lack of money in your work? *
What are the major financial problems your media facing in its' work?
We thank you for filling this field, although it is not mandatory
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Are you ready to give a more extended answers on financial issues facing your media? *
If you answer yes, we will contact you for an interview about the activities and existence of your media
If you want to get the final results of the survey, write your email
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