Trail Work Report
Please fill out the form as completely as possible. If you have done work on FS approved trails, there is a specific FS form. Find it here : Please email questions to Jana Johnson. Her email is
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Date *
Reporter Name *
This is usually the trail steward, but others may use this form when completing trail work
Trail Name *
Use the trail name; include other names the trail may have.
Trail Section *
Briefly describe the location of the work that was completed- e.g. south end, middle third, stream crossing
Crew Members
Please list the names of those who worked wtih you If you don't have complete name, please list what information you have. This is not a required question, but the information helps us log active members.
Total Crew Members *
Number of people who worked Please just enter a whole number.
Total Travel hours *
Total hiking/driving hours per person
Work hours *
Include only the work hours per person
Total Hours *
(Total Travel hours + Work Hours) X number of crew members
Please enter type of WORK COMPLETED *
Check all boxes that apply
Trail Maintenance Notes
Please add any notes about work completed or areas in need of attention.
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