Unofficial Requirements to Become President Survey
Respond to the questions below to identify what are your personal requirements for a Presidential candidate when voting. Results cannot be tied to you, so please answer honestly.
I would vote for a President who...
Choose whether you would or would not vote for a President with the following characteristics...
Would Vote For
Would NOT Vote For
Has a criminal background (at least one felony)
Has a history of drug use
Is a recovering alcholic or substance abuser
Is a woman
Is homosexual
Is Catholic
Is Muslim
Is Jewish
Has been divorced
Has had multiple marriages
Is single
Is Overweight
Has visible tatoos
Smokes tobacco
Did not graduate High school
Failed in the Business world
Is an Atheist
Is Blind
Is Deaf
Has a physical disability
Is older than 70
Has a known health condition
Has no previous government experience
Did not serve in the military
Has a speech impediment
Uses slang
Is Poor
Did not graduate college
Has been an outspoken critic of the government
Has multiple ear and face piercings
Is Bisexual
Was a Hollywood actor
Did not grow up speaking English
Before Submitting...
Select 5 of the categories above and estimate how you think the class will vote on it using percentages. Use the space on your handout to complete this.
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