Actors Helping Actors Resource Guide
If you're trying to make your way in L.A., you'll run into a lot of the same events and organizations as other actors in this city. By contributing to this list you can promote the things that you've found valuable and help others sift through the propaganda put out by the things that are not. Please offer facts as much as possible to let others come to their own opinions about whether something will be valuable to them.
Name of Institution
What do they call themselves? If it's associated with other names, fill out the complete form under the most prominent name, and then give blank listings for the other names that point to the first name. For example: Allen Levin (See Lifebook)
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Type of Institution
Choose all that apply, if using other, please use one word description
Who is it for?
Payment frequency
Choose most common option chosen, if multiple are possible.
How pricey?
If free, say "0", then explain how it is funded (e.g.: 0, funded by sponsorships, donations, and fundraising events), otherwise a simple number of dollars estimate for the above chosen payment frequency unit. If sliding scale, list range of numbers and why the scale (e.g.: 0-200, depending on income)
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What do they do?
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Why would someone do it?
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Why wouldn't someone do it?
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Are there any falsehoods in their marketing materials?
If so, what?
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What other details do you have about them?
People involved, location, culture, etc.
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