GLS Administrative Retreat Planning Form
A retreat is a meeting that is typically designed and organized specifically to facilitate the ability of a group to step back from their day-to-day demands and activities for an extended period of concentrated discussion, dialogue, and strategic thinking about the organization’s future or about specific issues.  Some of the benefits of an administrative retreat include:
     1 - Retreats are hard work and require long periods of intense, uninterrupted discussion
     2 - Participants are less likely to be interrupted by phone calls if they are away from the office
     3 - Participants can better focus on the topics under discussion
     4 - Participants are more like to stay for the entire time
     5 - Being “away on retreat” creates a atmosphere that is more conducive to teamwork, creative thinking,  and
          consensus building

The purpose of this form is to provide feedback to the Grundmeyer Leader Services team to plan your administrative retreat. Your feedback around participants, dates, location, agenda items budget, recreational activities and food will guide the plans for your retreat.  Based on your feedback, a draft of the full itinerary will be shared with you to further develop before plans are solidified.  You may also want to consider having the retreat with just your team or engaging with other schools. GLS consultants can facilitate the retreat onsite to ensure you and your team are truly able to reflect, rejuvenate and refocus!

If you have any questions about the retreat offering or completion of this form reach out to Dr. Trent Grundmeyer at (515) 205-9987 or
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This should be the person taking the lead on planning the retreat with the GLS team.
School District:
How does the retreat align to allowable ESSER funding?  (see guidance below)
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How many days do you want to schedule the retreat?
Discuss with your administrative team what date works best for your members.
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What are the best days to schedule your retreat?  Please provide a couple options.
Where are your desired locations to host the retreat?
Consider travel time, recreational activities and interests of your team.
What is your primary goal(s) for the administrative retreat?
What are you hoping to accomplish during it?  What do you hope members gain from attending?  What will you be bringing back with you to the organization and institution?
What topics are you interested in having on your retreat agenda (if any)?
Agendas keep everyone on track especially those leading the retreat. Consider the needs and styles of your group and determine how much or how little flexibility to include and what topics are most important with the time you have away.
Are you interested in having the retreat with other schools?
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What is your budget for the retreat?
Consider all costs associated with planning a retreat: site rental, transportation, food, hotel rooms and any materials needed for team building activities.  What was your budget for previous retreats (if available)?
How many people are you planning on attending and what are their roles/titles?
As a general rule, those members of the organization who have an interest in the issues to be discussed should participate.
Does your team have any specific food allergies and/or requests?
Check to see if anyone has food allergies or special dietary requirements.  You can also submit this information later.
What else should GLS know as we plan your retreat?
What makes your team unique?  What will make the retreat a success?  Any specific methods to include or avoid during facilitation of the agenda items?  What else should we consider as we plan your customized retreat?
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