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By filling out this form, you are signing up to join the UHP Diversity and Inclusion Working Group. This will be an active working group and participants should be committed to producing written recommendations based on reflection and research. We will try to accommodate as many volunteers as possible while keeping the Working Group at a productive size.
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Are you a part of any other minoritized groups (the LGBTQIA+ community, the disability community, etc.) that you would feel comfortable sharing with us? We've primarily received complaints in terms of race and gender, but we recognize that we may have other blindspots. Further, we know that questions of racial inclusion intersect with other identities in important ways that will be fruitful to examine.
Are there any times of day that you are going to be consistently unavailable this summer? (i.e. 9am EST - 5 PM EST on weekdays, Monday evenings, etc.)
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