Visitor Experience Survey
This survey is designed by a team of design students in IAT 333: Interaction Design Methods at Simon Fraser University that is doing research to identify patterns of visitor behaviour and activity within Science World.

Your responses are anonymous, and any identifying information will not be used.
By participating in this survey, you give us consent to use the anonymized data in our research.

This survey should take approximately 3-5 minutes to complete.

Thank you for your time! Your responses will be very valuable to our research.
What age group best describes you? *
What was your purpose for visiting Science World before COVID-19? Please select all that apply. *
During your spare time, what hobbies do you partake in?
On average, how often do you visit Science World? *
How long were your visits in Science World before COVID-19? *
If you take care of a child/children, please select what age group(s) they belong in. *
What is your relationship with the child/children you visit Science World with? *
Which feature(s) do you frequently visit? Please select all that apply. *
Rate the following statement: I would prefer to have a longer line-up but have fewer people in the exhibit. *
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
Which factors currently prevent you from visiting Science World? Please select all that apply. *
How do you like to navigate through spaces? *
What kind of queuing system interests you the most? *
Is Science World accessible for you and/or your group's needs? If no, could you explain what would help create a better and more accessible experience?
What aspects of Science World do you enjoy most?
If any, what aspects of Science World would you suggest should be improved on?
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