Public Comment for Citizens' Oversight Committee Meeting on October 29, 2020
Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, changes have been made to the Brown Act by the Governor (Governor’s Executive Orders N-25-20 and N-29-20 – Brown Act Requirements)

To allow public access, Citizens' Oversight Committee meetings will be held virtually and accessible through our district YouTube Channel at:

Pubilc comments can be submitted starting at 7:00 am and will remain open during the meeting. Comments will be read at the meeting during the corresponding times. If however, an extremely large number of comments come in, we will have to limit the time spent on the comments that are read at the meeting.

An interpretation of the new Governor's order N-29-20 explains: "Public comment must be allowed. However, public comment on a large conference call may be unwieldy. Alternative means of allowing public comment during a telephonic/electronic meeting should be discussed with legal counsel, but may include soliciting comments via email — either in advance of or during the meeting — and having some (or all) of those read out by a facilitator."

Public comments have time limits of three minutes although this may be modified if a large number of comments are received, so please consider that when adding the text below. All comments will be made available to the Committee and reflected in the minutes.
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