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We know that Peekskill's teachers and students are up to great things, so tell us your good news so we can spread the word!

Parents and community members want to know about the innovative and engaging things happening in our schools. They want to catch a glimpse of how their children are learning. By using the form below you can help our Communications Team share our District's success with the public.

What constitutes "good news?" Anything that shows students engaged in learning, using their senses, being creative, problem solving or having fun. Examples include: first graders gardening to learn about the life cycle of a plant; third graders learning about the continents and oceans by making paper Mache globes; middle schoolers staging a mock debate for a political campaign or building robots to explore computer programming; high schoolers creating a three-dimensional model of an architectural landmark to learn geometry or writing a new ending for a classic piece of literature.

Of course, we also want to hear about honors and recognitions you have received, and professional development you have pursued. To submit an item to be edited and posted to the web and social media, or to be covered by the District’s Communications Specialist, please complete the form below. You may submit accompanying photos and flyers to:

If you have any questions, contact Laura Belfiore at 914-450-1567 or

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What would you like to tell us about? (What?) *
 This can be an event, award, project, etc.
When did this take place or when will this take place? (When)? *
Dates help us keep news timely, for example if you will be holding a food drive in November, we will publish this story in late October, as opposed to at back-to-school time. If a date took place quite some time ago, we can keep the story in the present by using words like "recently." Please submit stories from the current school year only.
Where will/ when did this take place? (Where?) *
Be specific in location. For example, do not simply state "at Any City High School" if possible. Instead write, "student's in Miss Jane Doe's third period underwater basket weaving class."
What was the purpose of your event/award/project, etc.? (Why?)
Was it a fundraiser to send students to the White House Film Festival? Were you honored as "Teacher of the Year" for your classes' perfect attendance? Did your class build a robot to enter in a local competition?
Who was the focus of this story? (Who)? *
The "who's" of a story can be more than one person or group. For example, if children made valentines for elderly residents of a local nursing home, both groups, and their efforts/reactions should be noted. "The children had fun making the cards and the residents were excited to receive them."
Can you please give us a quote as to why this event/project/award is important?
"Literacy initiatives such as our school's Reading Challenge are important because they kindle a lifelong love of reading in young students," Miss Jane Doe said.
Is there anything else you would like to add?
What is your full name and title? (If you are a teacher, please include grade).
Ex: Miss Jane Doe, School Communications Specialist; Mr. Bob Ross, Grade 9 English Teacher
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