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Fringe Artist Market will take place on Saturday Oct 20th 2018 in the parking lot of the Seney-Stoval Chapel building from Noon until Dark! Sign-up NOW!

We are now accepting submission from Vendors with ideas and dreams that they let come out to dance at night! We are looking for the FRINGE artists that paint, build, burn, glue, weld, melt, and create beautiful works of art that might fall into the category of a little strange, or even misunderstood. We are seeking artist that are: Outsider, Weirdo, Odd, Macabre, Erotic, Fantastical, Abstract and especially the Otherworldly!! All are welcome here, Join Us!

Fill out the form below, and once we receive your submission we will contact you regarding paying the booth fee. Fees will be decide on a sliding scale basis. This will give all our artists a chance to be involved based on their own needs. (The basic costs: BOOTH $50)

Some quick important things we have to mention:

* Fringe Market will take place Oct 20th, noon til dark, at the Seney-Stovall Chapel parking lot.

* Along with our artists, crafters, and junk collectors selling their handcrafted handiwork and collectible odds-n-ends we may have a mix of performers (music, circus arts, burlesque, and more) as well... all must work together to make the event successful. Make sure your booth area does not block or disrupt the performances areas where marked.

* A "BOOTH" is a tent space (up to 12'x12') and may include more than one table, more then one person may share a booth but this must be worked out amongst yourselves ahead of time and all names (all artists must be approved of by the CCFF staff) submitted with samples and links when you apply.

* Once you have applied and been accepted you will be notified, at that time you must send in your vendor fee within 5 days or risk losing your spot in the market. Space is limited, available first come first serve. We will accept vendor fees payable by PayPal payment, once payment is received we will send a "proof of payment" email that you can print out and bring with you the day of the event. Vendor fee is non-refundable.

* Please be respectful of the other vendors around you, do not block access to other vendor's booths, and always make sure to leave ample walking space for shoppers (including handicap attendees).

* All vendors must provide everything they need to set up their booth including: booth, tent, tables, chairs, extension cords, lights, etc. Some tables and chairs may be available on site but can not be guaranteed. As in the past vendors are never assigned spaces but instead are allowed to set up in any available space within the area allotted, first come first serve.

* Scheduled Performances may be taking place on multiple stages inside or out to add to the ambiance, please limit loud noises from your booth during these times.

* All vendors are encouraged to participate by wearing costumes and decorating your booths to add to the fun, but of course this is optional.

* All vendors are also asked to promote your involvement to your own customer/fan base on social media to help ensure a well rounded attendance. The CCFF staff will be conducting our own promotional campaigns: online, with local media outlets, thru street promotions, and photo/video releases.

* Vendors will be allowed to arrive for set up one hour before the event begins, and must have their booths broke down and cleared out no later then one hour after the end of the night.

* If you need to reserve a certain space and/or set up early due to special circumstances we can make arrangements to do so, but this must be discussed with our staff before vendor fee is paid.

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Please provide us with a link to at least three different images of the types of products you will have in your booth. These pictures may be used to promote your involvement with the market, so send us some good ones!
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What type of Vendor Area do you need? *
Note that a "BOOTH" is a tent space (up to 12'x12') and may include more than one table, and a "TABLE" is one single table of reasonable size, with only one artist per table. If you need more than a BOOTH area, choose "MORE THAN A BOOTH" and we will work with you to customize your vendor area.
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