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請填妥以下報名表,或用以下WhatsApp /微信留言,職員會在辦公室時間回覆你。若職員未能及時回覆,敬請見諒!To register our upcoming events, please fill in the form below or leave a message to our Whatsapp. 

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我們致力為社區中的長者和照顧者提供免費或收費低廉的活動和服務。請支持我們的工作, 捐款 給佳頤中心, 謝謝!We strive to provide programs and services for the community at minimal or no cost. If you would like to support our work, consider a donation to Gaia Cares and help us support seniors and caregivers at https://gccws.ca/donate
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