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Hello! I am so excited to get to know you :D Please answer the questions below, and I will email you with the nitty gritty details (logistics, costs, contracts). We are going to have so much fun!!
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The Process of Getting An Anthem
Hello! I am so happy you are here!! I cannot wait to get to know you and write you the song you need to listen to <3 The experience of getting an anthem is pretty easy.

First - we will meet over zoom, and I will interview you, asking you intimate questions with the purpose of being open and vulnerable with each other. You will send me 3-5 songs that you really love to listen to. This interview may or may not be recorded - decision is yours! If it is recorded, the content in the interview may air on the podcast.

Second - your playlist! Based off the interview and the songs you've sent me, I will curate a playlist for you to enjoy while you wait for your anthem

Third - I get to work! I write, record, produce, mix, and master your song, either independently or with my songwriting team (depending on the kind of song). You listen to your playlist and chill for a couple of weeks :D

Fourth - we meet one last time for the big reveal! This meeting is recorded and is used for the podcast. I will interview you again, asking questions that will lead up to the Anthem, and then we will listen together. I usually pause and allow you to respond to the song, and we talk about you and the song. I ask you how people can follow along on your journey, and call it a day.

Details: I will email you a contract explaining the rights of the song and usage of the song for you to complete. I will give you a downloadable link to the song for you to keep. Completing this contract is key to deciding if this song will be released outside of the podcast.

Payment: The Anthem Project Experience is $600. This will be paid in two parts; half at the start, and the other half upon completion. We may also work out a payment plan of up to 3 split payments.

What's included? A custom song made about you and for you, a curated playlist, a portrait, and a feature on the podcast.

If you are ready to dig into this journey, please continue filling out this form! If not, no worries at all, you may still submit the form and join our email list!
Why do you want an anthem?
Tell me a little bit about yourself - what's your story, your mission?
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Please list 3-5 of your favorite songs. Please, no more than 5 songs!
Please upload 2-3 photos of yourself that you love. These photos will be used to create your portrait! They will not be used in any other capacity without your concent.
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What is something about yourself that I should know before we go into the interview?
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Thank you so much for filling this out! I cannot wait to meet you and get this started!!
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